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Are These Some of the Truths About Paul Anthony Courtney Being Revealed?

Is Paul an American Independent or a Rhino Republican, or should he come clean and join the Democrat Party?

Did Paul call the youth football deal for the children a dirty deal and then offer the coach a seat on his administration?

Is Paul showing up for different political party events saying he will change his political party to gain another platform to spiel his rhetoric?

Did Paul threaten community members who own businesses that once he becomes Mayor, he will make sure that their business license is not renewed and that their business will not be successful?

Did Paul blame other candidates for Mayor saying they were hiding behind a fake Facebook profile and was put in his place by said candidates?

Did Paul refer to a City Council Candidate as a House Negro and then pretend like he didn’t know what it meant?

Did Paul play the victim to being cyberbullied when he has been the one bullying others on HD Straight Talk Live for years?

Did Paul talk about Joe Gomez getting the booty and laugh about it on HD Straight Talk?

Did Paul say that Barstow’s leadership has been flawed for over 16 years, and this leadership included his mentors, Lawrence Dale and Joe Gomez?

Did Paul say that members of the Barstow Community are Keyboard Titty Suckers?

Does Paul have fake degrees purchased from a Diploma Mill?

Did Paul commit mail fraud by illegally putting his campaign materials in mailboxes throughout Barstow?

Did Paul violate campaign rules, and does he continue to do so?

Does Paul treat his employees like dirt and not pay them well enough, so they are forced to rely on public assistance or, as he refers to it (the public titty)?

Did Paul Anthony Courtney, Barbara Rose, and Marylin Dyer-Kruse sell out to big corporate interests outside of Barstow from LA?

Does Paul believe that everyone he takes a picture with endorses him as Mayor?

Does Paul claim that he helps students graduate from his non-campus campus when all he is doing is referring them to

Is Paul so narcissistic that he would even name his business PACE (Paul Anthony Courtney Enterprize)?

You know, with just a little research, you can find out so much truth about a candidate whether they like it or not! #BarstowStrong #HistoryIsNoMystery #AndThenSome #NotADr #TruthStrangerThanFiction #SellOut #Barlow #Pinocchio

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